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My Blog

Spring is here!! Many of you have met my Alza, she has had a tough first 3 weeks of her life, but she is a fighter, I took her to the vet on Friday and he was puzzled with her condition also, I am doing everything right and her temp and heart is all good, but she is not gaining weight and her food is runnng right through her. I started her on a new diet and it is looking promising. One day if Lord willing she will join the rest of the goats in the pasture, but will always be my baby.

My Blog

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We carry a wide variety of items from clothing, shoes, purses, jewelry,beauty items for your entire family, We carry linens, crafting items, household, books, dvds, cds, records, pet items, local artist paintings.

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We buy everything that we carry in our store, so we are able to pick our inventory. We carry brand names, we have unique one of a kind items, we have a friendly staff ready to help you

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We offer low prices, plus you can sign up for our rewards points, 100 points = 10% off any purchase  of your choice. Every Tuesday we have Senior day, 55 yrs young and up get 10% off your purchase (excluding Avon) 

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