Buying & Selling

Items we take:


  •  Men's women's and children's clothes: all sizes
    • Winter: Sept 1st-Jan 30
    • Spring: Feb 1st-April 30
    • Summer: March 1st-July 31
    • Fall: Aug 1st -Sept 30
  • Decor
  • Seasonal decor
    • Christmas Sept 15-Dec 7
    • Halloween: Aug 1st-Oct. 15th
    • Thanksgiving: Aug 1st-Nov. 15th
    • Valentines day: Jan. 2nd-Feb. 7
    • Easter: Jan 2nd-March 31
    • St: Patty's day Jan 2nd -March 7
    • 4th of July: Feb 1st -June 30
  • Kitchen items
  • Small furniture
  • Jewelry
  • Books
  • Linens
  • Toys
  • Crafts & material
  • Almost everything in like new condition

Buying Policy


We only take CLEAN, gently used items: no holes, stains, wear and tear, or animal hair.

You have three options for payment:

  • All in store credit
  • Half in store credit and half cash/check (Option A)
  • All cash/check (Option B)

We pay based on what we will sell your items for.  You can browse our store and try to compare your items to what we have for sale to get an idea. 

If you take all in store credit or option A we pay approx. 50% of what we will sell your items for.

If you take option B we pay approx. 75% of the the option A total.  

Selling your items:



  • Call 533-4401 to make appointment
  • You can bring up to 4 manageable containers Tuesday- Thursday only
    • Standard size totes, 18 gallons
    • boxes that are easily carried by a small woman
  • We look at your items at your appointment time.  You stay and wait and take the items we do not want. 
  • We pay you for the items we would like to sell right away.  

Drop offs: at these doors, ring doorbell



  • Drop off up to two manageable size containers,  18 gallon size totes,  standard laundry baskets. or boxes of same sizes. NO garbage bags!!
    Put your name and phone number on  each container

  • If you have larger items that do not fit in the bins or on the shelves we will price and sell your larger items and credit your drop off quote.  Price will not be negotiable. 
  • Takes generally 2-7 days to process
    • Can take longer when we have unexpected large quantity of drop offs
  • You must have valid contact info for us to  let you know when your items have been processed
  • You need to be able to return to pick up the items we cannot sell along with your $$$ within two days after being contacted
  • Any items not picked up within two days will be processed for sale.  Price is non-negotiable after the 2 day period  we call you to pick up. We will hold your items that we will not take for up  48 hrs unless arrangements are made. After that we will donate them to the Salvation Army.