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Items We Buy and Sell
  •                                     Now taking Winter clothing items

  • Men's, women's and children's clothes all sizes (seasonal only)

          a.) we take jeans and sweatshirts all year round

                    ~note: we are more picky on jeans and sweatshirts during summer 

                               buying season.  It is better for you and us to wait until

                               sept. 1st.         

    •  Shoes
    •  Purses
    •  Belts
    •  Jewelry
    •  Decor
    •  Antiques
    •  Crafts, material, scrapbooking, stamping items
    •  Books - adult and childrens, fiction and non-fiction more recent books
    • Holiday items (seasonal only)
    •  Infant equipment (check for recalls) (note: we buy large infant equipment during appointments only, not eligible for drop off)
    • Toys (check for recalls)
    •  Kitchen items (we don't take any used appliances)
    •  CDs (non-scratched)
    •  DVDs (sorry we no longer take VHS tapes)
    • Pictures
    •  Greeting Cards
    • Electronics - must work and you have to provide driver license (no tv's)
    •  Video games 
    •  Linens

           - bedding (must be laundered or new)

            - tableclothes

            - curtains, shower curtains

            - doilies

    •    Furniture: straight 50% of what we are going to sell or we can consign higher priced items at 25/75 percent ratio ** see furniture pick-up details below (note: at this time we are not taking couches or certain upholstered furniture such as wing back chairs, we are mostly looking for small furniture pieces.) 

    Seasonal Items:        Fall clothing:   Aug 1st (Light weight)

                              Winter Clothing:   Sept 15th (sweaters, winter jackets)

                                                            *winter Jackets we stop taking

                                                            in the first week of Dec 

                               Spring Clothing:   Feb 1st                     

                               Summer Clothing:  March 1st

                               Christmas items:   Sept. 15th - First week in Dec. 


    Things we do not take:

    • * Computers
    • * Light fixtures that require wiring
    • * Recalled childrens items (go to to find recalled items)
    • * Outdated clothing- all clothing must be modern or traditional styles
    • * Unclean items (please wash items before selling)
    • * Broken or stained items
    • * Large appliances such as microwaves
    • * No TV's
    • *Wedding dress and long formals
    • *No 80's decor (peach, mauve, pink type decor)
    • Currently we are not taking large furniture such as couches.  

    * Leftover garage sale items  NOTE: If your sale was a bust you may bring your nicer items but please remove tags first *because of high amount of abandoning of garage sale leftovers in the form of "drop offs", we reserve the right to donate to salvation army garage sale leftovers instead of buying without calling first (Salvation Army picks up every Thursday)

     ** Furniture may be picked up by our team. There will be a fee to pick up your furniture.  The fee dependent on size and quantity of items and distance. Catch My Thrift is not liable for any damage caused by retrieving your furniture. 

    Notice: It is to your benefit and ours to remove items that are broken or stained.  We will not spend as much time on your buy if it is full of items we do not take such as stained or dirty items.  This will cause you not to get all the money you could have potentially have received. The items that we would clearly not take will distract from those we will. 





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